In a bilateral meeting between the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) and Laos’ National Regulatory Authority for UXO and Mine Action (NRA), the Lao delegation expressed keen interest in studying the structure and functioning of the Kingdom’s successful mine action sector.

This announcement followed a recent meeting between CMAC director-general Heng Ratana and NRA chief Chomyaeng Phengthongsawat, the details of which were disclosed in a social media post by CMAC.

“The purpose of this [November 1] meeting for the Lao side is to thoroughly examine and gain insight into the structure, procedures and operational principles of CMAC’s field activities,” stated the post.

Chomyaeng proposed a future exchange visit between the two entities.

Ratana told reporters that the NRA delegates convened to discuss and exchange experiences, with a particular focus on the Lao side’s interest in learning from CMAC regarding the enhancement of work management and the assurance of quality cooperation.

“In the past, we have delivered specialised training to our counterparts from Laos, and as we progress with our training initiatives through 2023, we are approaching the third stage. Chomyaeng has proposed that we continue to assist in bolstering the resource capacity of their NRA,” he explained.

The CMAC chief added that Cambodia has routinely sent CMAC forces for training in Laos, while the Lao side has reciprocated by sending their officers for training in Cambodia.

“Typically, when formulating the training strategy, we conduct workshops to hear their suggestions and cater to their needs based on their requests to the best of our abilities,” he said.

The CMAC statement also mentioned that the NRA delegation will visit the demining site in Battambang province to gain a deeper understanding of CMAC’s demining operations.