Cambodia is actively participating in the 8th Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) and the 8th ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity (AMCC), along with the 9th ASEAN Senior Officials Roundtable on Cybercrime (SORC) scheduled from October 16 to 19 in Singapore.

Por Pheak, secretary of state at the Ministry of Interior, led a high-level delegation from the ministry to attend the meetings on October 16.

The SICW event revolves around the theme “Building Trust and Security in the Emerging Digital Order”. It seeks to comprehend the impact of digital advancements on the global multilateral order and explores strategies to foster trust in technology and digital activities.

According to a press release issued by the ministry on October 16, the 9th SORC, slated for October 19, serves as a platform for high-level discussions among senior officials from ASEAN member countries, ASEAN+3 nations and experts. The aim is to address the most recent threats, trends and solutions in the realm of digital crime.

SICW, organised by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), stands as the Asia-Pacific region’s most established cybersecurity event. The CSA plays a pivotal role in advancing Singapore’s Smart Nation and digital economy aspirations, as stated on their website.

SICW 2023 will convene global policymakers, industry leaders and top worldwide academia. Their goal is to share best practices and enhance international cooperation across various domains.

These topics include capitalising on digital opportunities, combatting cyber challenges, evolving cyberspace and cybersecurity policies, implementing cyber norms and ensuring security on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) arena, according to their website.

SICW noted that in today’s interconnected world, cyber threats are constantly evolving. Advanced threat actors employ diverse and sophisticated techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in diverse systems and networks.

“As such, there is an impetus to reflect on defence strategies and countermeasures to mitigate the risks posed by advanced cyber-attacks. This session aims to shed light on advanced attack techniques and their implications for individuals, businesses and governments,” the SICW stated.