The 13th Asian Parliamentary general assembly, attended by delegations from 25 Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) member states, two observer countries and three observer organisations, has pledged to work together to strengthen cooperation for sustainable global economic development, according to a press release from the Cambodian Parliamentary Delegation to the APA.

The press release read that the 13th APA general assembly ran from January 6-12 with the theme “upholding multilateralism in a changing world” in Antalya, Turkey.

Ty Sokun, secretary of the Commission on Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Information and Media, who led the Cambodian parliamentary delegation to attend the general assembly, said that the Cambodian Parliamentary Delegation actively participated in all general assembly sessions, including the executive council meeting and many others.

At the session , he emphasised the importance of multilateralism, saying that strengthening multilateralism was necessary for the world because multilateralism is an important means of strengthening international cooperation and solidarity for the international community to achieve success and prosperity for all because world socio-economic development and peace cannot be achieved without multilateralism.

The general assembly participants also approved the admission of three parliamentary organisations as observers of the APA: The Non-Aligned Movement Parliamentary Network, the Parliamentary Alliance for Al-Quds and the International Parliamentary Assembly.

On the sidelines of the 13th APA general assembly, the Cambodian delegation also met with the secretary-general of the APA and other parliamentary delegations from Turkey, Iran, India, Russia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Laos, Indonesia and Thailand to tighten the bonds of friendship and cooperation.