China has provided over $7.3 million in grant funding for the renovation of the “Friendship Building” at the Office of the Council of Ministers.

A senior Cambodian official applauded the aid, viewing it as a contribution to further strengthening the already good relations and cooperation between the two countries, in line with the joint statement on establishing a “China-Cambodia Community with a Shared Future in the New Era”.

Vongsey Vissoth, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Council of Ministers, and Zhong Jie, adviser to the Chinese embassy in Phnom Penh, signed an agreement to implement the effort on March 4, according to a press release from the Government Spokesperson Unit (RGSU). 

Vissoth remarked that China has consistently offered financial and technical support to Cambodia, and expressed hopes that the support would continue in various areas, adhering to the joint statement on building a China-Cambodia community of common destiny.

“Cambodia and China have long-standing, deep-rooted ties, originally established by the late King Father Norodom Sihanouk with China’s top leadership and further developed by [former Prime Minister Hun Sen],” he said.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, noted that Chinese assistance for the building’s renovation reflects the strength of their friendship, pointing out China’s ongoing support for the Kingdom’s infrastructure and major building projects.

“The [building] is a symbol of Chinese assistance. The provision of additional … support is not just a continuation of the building’s legacy but also underscores the robustness of the Cambodian-Chinese relationship, aiding in both the construction and maintenance of the building and the sustaining of bilateral relations,” he stated.

The Friendship Building, a Chinese aid project in use for over 14 years, stands at 40m with seven floors. It houses national and international conference halls, a reception area, office spaces and a coordination centre for various issues. 

The building, constructed with a total cost of $32.9 million in 2008, was inaugurated in 2010 concurrently with the Peace Palace – the Prime Minister Office – another Chinese support project.