The Cambodian Human Rights Committee (CHRC) aims to educate and spread awareness about “human rights and the law” in the capital and all 24 provinces. This initiative aims to ensure people have a proper understanding of their rights and can exercise them effectively.

CHRC spokesman Sreang Chenda stated last week that the committee aims to disseminate information to the community, local authorities, students and educators, extending beyond Phnom Penh.

He said that while the CHRC does not intend to limit the number of participants for this outreach, each outreach programme will involve at least 60 participants, with events tailored for students accommodating 100 participants. 

“The primary goal of our outreach programme is to raise awareness among our people regarding both the law and human rights. We aim for them to exercise their rights effectively, recognising that all human rights and freedoms have limitations. When the laws and human rights are correctly understood, it contributes to societal peace,” he said.

He added that in providing this educational information, the CHRC employs national laws, treaties and international human rights conventions to exemplify and guide the people towards the intended objectives.

Ny Sokha, president of rights group ADHOC, stated that the government bears the responsibility to promote human rights as it is a party to the ratification of multiple UN human rights agreements, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Therefore, the government is obligated to play a role in promoting human rights, ensuring that people have access to and can exercise all the rights outlined in the Cambodian Constitution and the UN conventions it has ratified, he said. 

“The CHRC, as a government entity, signifies the initiation and fulfilment of the government’s obligation to promote human rights through these educational outreach efforts,” he said. 

Sokha stated that human rights promotion begins with people’s comprehension. Without a basic understanding of human rights among citizens, discussing their promotion becomes challenging. Achieving human rights promotion requires broader and more transparent public awareness.