Ministry of Health spokeswoman Or Vandine has reiterated her call to civil servants on mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations, particularly booster shots, following a sub-decree which made inoculation compulsory in April 2021.

Vandine, who is also head of the National Covid-19 vaccination committee, said: “The momentum of getting Covid-19 vaccinations, especially booster jabs by civil servants, is not so strong, so please get vaccinated,” she said.

The sub-decree, which has five chapters and eight articles, stipulates the scope of mandatory Covid-19 vaccination in Cambodia which is to fight and contain the spread of the coronavirus.

“Civil servants in the legislative, executive and judicial branches, the armed forces and elected officials [commune councillors and chiefs] are subject to the mandate,” it stated.

Those who fail to be vaccinated will face disciplinary action, which would be imposed by the respective institutions.

On July 3, Prime Minister Hun Sen said that although Cambodia had largely succeeded in containing the spread of Covid-19, the government continued to pay close attention to the fight.

“The priority in this fight is continuing to provide people with vaccines. We continue to seek more vaccines for stockpiles and offer booster shots for people to guarantee the protection of people against Covid-19,” he added.

So far, Cambodia has acquired nearly 53 million doses of vaccines via donations and purchases. Of that, some nine million doses are in stockpile. Roughly 20 million doses via donations and purchases have yet to arrive.

As of July 4, Cambodia has vaccinated 94.32 per cent of the estimated population of 16 million.