The draft law on clean water management was approved by the plenary session of the Council of Ministers, chaired by Prime Minister Hun Sen, after review and debate on January 13.

In a press release, the Office of the Council of Ministers said the draft law, consisting of 15 chapters and 65 articles, forms an important basis to sustain and respond to the momentum of socio-economic development as Cambodia has made steady progress year after year, in line with the government’s "Rectangular" strategies.

Clean water supply is one of the four priority areas in the Rectangular Strategy Phase IV: the people, roads, electricity and water.

They said the water supply sector needs strong management to ensure the provision of quality, safe, sustainable and affordable water supply services that can meet the living needs of the people, improve public welfare and respond to the basic needs of production, business and services in all sectors of society as a whole.

“The draft law on clean water management defines the legal framework for the management and development of Cambodia's water supply services in order to guarantee quality, safety, sustainability and affordability, as well as improve public welfare inclusively,” the press release read.

The law will also help build investor confidence and provide them with financial support in the water sector, as well as providing legal rights and protections to operators who conduct water supply business.

The government will push for the implementation of clean water policy and strategic plans to restore and build the water supply system infrastructure to improve public welfare and contribute to socio-economic development, it said.