The Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) held a March 3 workshop to raise awareness of cervical and breast cancer in a bid to reduce mortality rates.

The workshop was attended by officials, staff, and volunteers from the CRC central headquarters in person and online across the country. The event was presided over by CRC secretary-general Pum Chantiny and Kruy Leang Sim, a undersecretary of state for the Ministry of Health.

Chantiny said the workshop aimed to increase the awareness of CRC volunteer staff on the cancers and efforts to educate women aged 30-49 to get themselves checked and treated timely.

The workshop demonstrated the commitment of CRC president Bun Rany to reduce death rates of mothers and women to the minimum, she added.

The CRC said it is estimated that every year about 1,500 women in Cambodia are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and at least 900 women die from the disease.

Studies, it said, suggested that women with cervical cancer have a higher mortality rate than maternal mortality.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cervical cancer can be treated if detected early enough.