Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) announced exciting new updates to its smart phone app in a June 13 social media post. It said the new updates allow access to invoices, retail price charts, electricity related Q&A and related news updates.

The app has more than 10K downloads in the Android Google Play Store and has ranked number 9 in the Apple App Store’s utilities chart in Cambodia since it was launched in November last year.

According to the post, some of the important features of the app are that it allows customers to request changes of names and addresses online and carry out transactions via the EDC’s partner banks and microfinance institutions.

The app also makes it easier for customers to manage their daily lives, as it informs them of invoice details and due dates, and allows them to review previously paid invoices.

Users can also cross-check a price chart for services, find important contact numbers and information about scheduled repair work or power outages.

After the app is downloaded, users simply create an account by entering their name and telephone number. They will receive 4-digit one-time password by text message, which allow them to set their own PIN. Two separate invoice numbers will also be required to authenticate the user.

A user of the app, Ly Sokpath said: “I’ve used the EDC app and found it quite convenient. It’s informative and I like how my monthly invoice arrives directly through a Telegram bot. The application is good and makes it easy to manage electricity consumption.”

Another user, Kin Mengse, said he liked the app, but would like a feature added which allowed invoices to be paid through the app.

In response, the EDC social media team wrote: “We are studying this feature and hope to implement it in the near future.”