Former Transparency International Cambodia executive director Preap Kol, who was appointed as Minister attached to the Prime Minister by Royal Decree on May 13, has explained that he accepted the role purely to effect change as a technical official, and not for political purposes.

Kol affirmed his commitment to ensuring good governance, which was at the core of state reform mechanisms, at a May 16 press conference.

“I have worked for a number of international non-governmental organisations. Through those positions, I have been able to provide key inputs and recommendations that contributed directly and indirectly to the government’s efforts at reform,” he said.

He explained that his areas of expertise included good governance, public financial management, tax reform, and the promotion of integrity, transparency and social accountability, which are all crucial for effective, efficient and sustainable national development.

“My work will begin with the government that forms after the national election. My role is not political, and will remain the same regardless of who is leading the country,” he said.

He noted that some reforms had already borne fruit, while other had produced slower results than expected.

“I believe that the next government will continue to implement these reforms, and that I will have the opportunity to contribute to them. This will also increase foreign investment,” he said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen requested the King to appoint Preap Kol due to his expertise and experience, especially in areas related to reforms that will encourage foreign investment.

Political analyst Kin Phea, director of the International Relations Institute at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, described the recent appointments of several opposition party and civil society organisation members as demonstrating the standing of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, and its commitment to building the nation.

“Mobilising the best human resources available is essential for guaranteeing national development,” he added.