Thirty-five garment workers were injured in a five-truck pile-up this morning on National Road 4 in Preah Sihanouk province, and authorities said two female workers were in critical condition.

In Sarom, Bet Trang commune chief, said an ice truck was travelling in the same direction as the garment trucks when it tried to pass them on the left. Another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction suddenly appeared, forcing the truck back into its original lane, where it caused the five-way accident.

Sarom said he had heard that two died when they arrived at provincial hospital, but Y Sokha, the deputy provincial police chief, said there were no deaths, but two were seriously injured. The hospital also confirmed there were no fatalities.

“When the driver saw the obstacle in front of him, he tried to get back in the original lane, but the brake was not good. He hit a garment truck, then it hit another,” Sokha said.

Thirty-one of the 35 victims were women, as were both of the seriously injured passengers. One broke her legs, while the other sustained a blow to the head. All victims were sent to various hospitals in the province, while the trucks have been impounded by traffic police.

"Those who are seriously [hurt], we sent to the hospital in Phnom Penh, because here we are not able to save their life," said Seng Nong, director of the Preah Sihanouk Provincial Hospital.