The once-bustling National Road 4 in Kampong Speu province has issued a notice to all motorists planning to use this route, warning of extensive flooding that has left the road submerged.

"I notify all people who intend to use National Road 4 to make a detour or use the expressway. The flooding had inundated National Road 4,” said provincial governor Vei Samnang in a July 29 notice.

The notice serves as an important alert to locals and travellers alike, helping them make necessary adjustments to their travel plans, he said

Further highlighting the need for caution, the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology released a forecast noting that from July 26 to August 1, the central lowlands would see moderate rain. Meanwhile, the northwestern provinces may experience moderate rain and thunderstorms.

It said the highlands could be subjected to moderate rain and potential thunderstorms. The coastal region is projected to experience moderate-to-heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds. 

High waves at sea have also been forecasted. These comprehensive warnings underscore the necessity for caution during this period, not only for road users but also for those living in these areas.