Former Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that he has resumed using his official Facebook page on September 3, while calling on the social media giant to maintain just policies.

The move came after Meta Platforms Inc, the parent company of the social media giant, rejected a request by their Oversight Board to temporarily suspend his page, alleging the page had breached Facebook’s policies.

“I hope that Facebook will adhere to a policy that is not ignorant, like the troublemakers who made the request. They are not welcome in Cambodia,” he said, referring to the 22 members of Meta’s Oversight Board who made the request, in his first post after a two-month break.

Last week, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications announced that they would welcome the return of Facebook representatives to Cambodia, after they were order to leave following the Oversight Board Members request for the suspension.

In his first post, Hun Sen made it clear that the 22 members of the Oversight Board would remain banned from entering the Kingdom.

“Cambodia remains steadfast on its decision not to welcome the group of troublemakers who made an incorrect recommendation. Whether to use Facebook or not remains my absolute right,” he wrote.

He also called for his many followers to join him across his social media accounts, including X (formally Twitter), YouTube, TikTok, Telegram and Instagram.

“From now on, my compatriots will find me on all social media platforms, but I plan to be mostly active on TikTok and Telegram,” he added.

He explained that Cambodia only earned $20 million, or 10 per cent, through taxes on the $200 million Meta made in Cambodia last year.

He also warned people to be wary of impersonators, noting that he has just one account on each platform.

Thong Mengdavid, a researcher at the Mekong Centre for Strategic Studies, said that he saw the former prime minister’s return to Facebook as a positive, noting that it would allow him to connect more closely with the public.

“Although he is now in another role, he still cares about the wellbeing of the people and serves as a backup resource that cannot be disregarded by the nation. He is a mature advisor to the new government,” he added.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the royal academy of Cambodia, congratulated Hun Sen on his decision.

“Cambodians and people abroad can still access good ideas from the former prime minister. He can still disseminate his opinions or political message to the public through his page,” Peou said, adding that the public can also share their thoughts or requests through the page.