The Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America (CHPAA), headquartered in Long Beach, California, has partnered with a team from the state-run Makara 16 Referral Hospital in Preah Vihear province to offer comprehensive medical services at no cost. 

According to the provincial Department of Health, the humanitarian effort focuses on providing essential health examinations and treatments, including specialised surgeries for cleft lips and cysts, targeting the most vulnerable groups – the elderly, women, children and infants.

Scheduled to commence on January 29 and conclude on February 3, the operation will be conducted in three locations: M’lou Prey Hospital in Chheb district from January 30-31; Yeang Primary School in Choam Ksan district from February 1-2; and Makara 16 Referral Hospital for the duration of the initiative, as confirmed by the health department on January 16.

Chhay Saomony, deputy director of the department, said the procedures will address various conditions such as uterine prolapse and tumors, breast lumps, cleft lips and palates, hyperdactylism (extra digits), gallstones, bladder issues and dental diseases, and also includes provisions for eyeglasses.

“People with health issues are encouraged to consult with our doctors. After the initial examinations and consultations, those requiring surgery should prepare in advance. For instance, the elderly must avoid eating for at least six hours before their surgery,” he advised.

Saomony urged residents experiencing health issues to avail themselves of the free examinations, treatment and consultations.