Battambang governor Sok Lou informed Prime Minister Hun Sen on October 23 that a campaign focused on reducing crime in the province – especially natural resource destruction such as fishing and forestry crimes – had been successful. The provincial administration has also worked hard to prevent new large-scale land disputes from occurring and continues to work to resolve the remaining disputes.

The provincial governor met with the prime minister, provincial council, municipality, district, and commune officials as well as more than 2,000 members of the armed forces in Battambang province.

In addition to cracking down on crime, governor Lou added that the provincial administration has persevered in promoting the implementation of the Royal Government’s policy on safe villages and communes in order to maintain safety, public order and social security.

The prime minister praised Battambang authorities for their efforts to serve the development of the province and attract new investment. Hun Sen also spoke proudly of Cambodia’s success in preventing Covid-19 infection cases by launching an effective vaccination strategy, a success which that gave the Kingdom the opportunity to reopen the country under the new normal.

He instructed all of the civil servants present on Cambodia’s responsibilities as host of this year’s ASEAN Summit, which will be attended by key world leaders.

In addition, Hun Sen reminded all officials to continue to pay close attention to maintaining security and social order by implementing the policy of safe villages and communes, noting that this included the suppression of crimes such as theft and drug trafficking. Doing so would ensure a positive living environment for the people of Battambang, he added.

He said all relevant stakeholders should also be aware of the importance of providing public services as efficiently as possible.