The Ministry of Health on October 9 has reminded people affected by flooding to protect their health and safety before, during and after the floods.

“During flooding, people should not enter old or dilapidated buildings, as they may collapse. They should also be wary of operating electrical appliances with wet hands, or while standing in water,” he said in a reminder.

He also reminded people to sleep under mosquito nets to prevent dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya and other insect borne diseases. Parents and guardians should also be wary of leaving their children among strangers, for fear of abusive behaviour.

Pregnant women also need to follow the appointment schedule set by their health clinic or hospital, and if their due date is approaching, should be mindful of remaining close to medical facilities.

“Please warn your children about the dangers of drowning, and prevent them from going near deep or fast moving water. It is also important that boats and ferries are not overcrowded. If a person falls into flood waters, call for help immediately,” he added.

He also offered simple measures that people could employ to avoid diarrhea, dysentery, food poisoning and other diseases caused by flood related sanitation issues.

“Drink clean water with a filter, boil it before consuming it or use chlorine or monochloramine to treat it. You must protect food from flies and dust. To avoid the spread of respiratory infections and Covid-19 infection, masks and scarves should be worn – and mouths should always be covered when coughing or sneezing,” he said.

People should also be wary of snakes and other dangerous animals, and should check piles of firewood or leaves before going near them.

When the waters recede, he advised people to remain cautious of contaminated water and food and to practice good hygiene.

In a special October 8 voice message, Prime Minister Hun Sen said 96 districts and 770 communes in 22 provinces had been inundated in recent floods, causing the deaths of four people.

According an October 8 forecast from the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, from October 9-15 rain will continue to fall on the Kingdom. The provinces of the northeastern highlands and northwest bordering the Dangrek Mountains will receive light to moderate rainfall.

The ministry said that Phnom Penh and other provinces in the lower part of the country will receive moderate to heavy rain mixed with thunder storms and strong winds. From October 13-15, conditions at sea were expected to be dangerous, with strong winds, heavy rain and moderate swells.