The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) instructed all partnered health facilities to fulfil their obligations by entering all members’ medical and healthcare data into the payment system in a timely manner as there are nearly 2,000 health facilities that signed the agreement with the NSSF, including the occupational risk and healthcare sectors.

"In case that any public or private health facility partner of the NSSF fails to comply with this instruction, the NSSF will not be responsible for the delay in payment to the health facility,” NSSF warned.

NSSF deputy director-general Heng Sophannarith told The Post on January 26 that the instructions were intended to urge all health facilities to enter data into the NSSF’s payment system following complaints from some health facilities that the NSSF was late in making payments to them.

He said the late payments were actually due to their mistakes as they failed to enter their patients’ data into the system in a timely manner.

"Almost all health facilities have followed these instructions now, which means they have entered the data for us. But in many cases their data entry was late, meaning that they didn't do it on time.

According to Sophannarith, there are approximately 2,000 health facilities that have signed agreements with the NSSF. The agreements are divided into two parts and there are 326 health facilities that cover the occupational risk sector.

He noted that on January 24 alone, the NSSF’s members accessed their services in 11,986 cases, of which 9,121 were women and the members use their NSSF benefits to access private sector services more often than public services.