The APSARA National Authority (ANA) announced plans to remove or prune more than 100 high-risk trees at seven temples and key areas in the Angkor Archaeological Park to ensure the safety of tourists and the public.

The ANA’s Department of Forest Management, Landscape, Culture and Environment will fell 23 trees and prune back the branches of an additional 128, according to its July 4 press release.

It said the project would not just increase public safety, but would improve the beauty of streets and temples around the Angkor area and within the park.

According to the announcement, there are seven main sites where the operations will be carried out, including Angkor Wat and Bayon temples. Four trees will be felled near the Angkor Wat complex and 53 will be pruned.

The Bayon temple will have 13 trees removed.

The ANA informed all relevant departments and institutions, national and international guests, associations, tour guides and the public that the work would begin on July 5 and would continue until completion.