In an era reshaped by digital technology, Humans of emerges as a beacon, unveiling diverse narratives woven into Cambodian life.

Inspired by the Humans of New York photoblog, this platform transcends a mere compilation of stories, paying homage to the resilience and culturally enriched legacy of the Cambodian people.

From urban hubs to rural landscapes, it unveils daily lives, providing perspectives beyond conventional stories.

“Every person has a story worth telling. Our platform is a bridge connecting these narratives with the world, revealing the authentic, unfiltered voices of Cambodia,” Suparna Roy, the founder and chief storyteller shares.

Dedicated to presenting Cambodian experiences, Abhijeet Sandilya, co-founder, emphasises outreach, interviews and collaborative efforts. He underscores featuring a range of stories from ordinary individuals, cultural custodians and community leaders.

Authenticity is maintained through respectful conversations, enabling subjects to express experiences in their own words. This platform offers a glimpse into the life of the nation.

Cultural amplification

“Our aim is to amplify the diverse voices of Cambodia, providing insights into its unique cultural and historical aspects. Unlike other websites, our focus is on stories that highlight Cambodia’s distinct identity,” he tells The Post. 

The website has made an impact, nurturing community and fostering understanding among its audience. Storytellers experience empowerment, and audiences engage with the narratives, frequently resulting in actions to address communal challenges.

The target audience is wide, encompassing Cambodians seeking connection and understanding within their country, a global audience interested in Cambodian culture, history and societal nuances, and researchers and students delving into social, cultural and anthropological aspects of the Kingdom.

Travellers and expatriates desiring connection with local communities, along with storytellers and writers in search of real-life perspectives and inspiration, will also find the website beneficial.

“We’ve received overwhelming support, with people expressing their appreciation for the stories we share,” says Sandilya.

Managing Humans of Cambodia involves balancing storytelling with cultural sensitivity. The team places importance on active listening, adaptability and continuous learning. Financial and time constraints pose hurdles, but the team’s passion helps them navigate these challenges.

“We’ve come to understand that building a platform that respects and honours Cambodia’s cultural nuances requires ongoing dialogue and a commitment to learning from the communities we represent,” he says. 

Looking ahead, the website aims to broaden its reach by delving into themes such as intergenerational perspectives and environmental sustainability.

New initiatives like Humans of Phnom Penh and Humans of Siem Reap, developed in collaboration with the Phnom Penh Photography Collective, seek to highlight regional narratives.

Inspirational engagement

“As part of our commitment to community engagement, we are seeking partnerships with local organisations to amplify impactful and inspirational stories,” states Sandilya. 

The team engages with communities, urging individuals to share their stories via diverse channels, including social media and direct submissions to its website.

Throughout the storytelling process, a commitment to cultural sensitivity and precise representation takes precedence, fostering a narrative landscape that is both respectful and inclusive.

“Cultural sensitivity is an essential part of our process. We collaborate closely with subjects to ensure their accurate representation, respecting and valuing their unique perspectives,” says Sandilya.

Regular feedback and an ongoing commitment to education and awareness within the team maintain cultural sensitivity and authenticity in narratives. 

Sandilya expresses belief in the potential of every individual as a catalyst for positive change, irrespective of race or nationality. He asserts the team’s commitment to an apolitical stance, focusing on experiences that unite people. In content creation, they consciously avoid political biases, aiming to nurture a space where diverse voices are heard and appreciated.

While Humans of Cambodia primarily focuses on team-curated stories, it also provides a platform for audience participation. This engagement may involve the audience sharing their stories or experiences related to the nation, fostering a community-driven approach to storytelling. It’s a space for individuals not only to produce content but also to contribute and share their perspectives and stories.