Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC) president Hun Many said that UYFC will continue to empower youth with the ability to participate in all fields of socioeconomic, cultural and humanitarian development.

Many made the remarks while presiding over the UYFC general assembly held at Golden City Hotel in Phnom Penh on November 26, where more than 1,400 members from the permanent committees down to the provincial level representatives had attended.

“We will continue to strengthen our youth to make them more capable of participating in socioeconomic, cultural and humanitarian development. We will ensure UYFC remains a wide forum and an umbrella where youth… can participate in all sectors in Cambodia, without facing discrimination based on colour, gender, language, belief, religion, social status or political tendency,” he said.

Many added that UYFC will continue to raise its profile in order to remain the leading youth organisation in Cambodia with a mission to maintain youth solidarity as a force in developing the country and be the protectors of peace, freedom, democracy and social development towards a modern, lively society with safety, a good environment, good living standards and development in all sectors.