Hun Many, president of the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC), said the three-day Angkor Sangkran event ended successfully, and left smiles on the faces of Cambodians everywhere.

On April 17, the day after the three day event closed, he took to social media to offer his praise for the success of the event, which was held at the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap province.

This year’s Angkor Sangkran was the 10th anniversary of the UYFC-organised event, and featured traditional Khmer folk games, music and dances, along with religious services. It attracted a large number of tourists, both foreign and domestic to the temple complex.

In addition, two world records were set and have been verified by the Guinness Book of Records: the largest display of origami hearts with 3,917,805 pieces gathered from all over the nation and the largest Madison dance involving 4,999 participants.

“Over the past 10 years, we have built strong friendships, fraternities and solidarity, and thanks to Angkor Sangkran, we have accomplished many important achievements together,” said Many.

He offered his gratitude to Prime Minister Hun Sen for his support and for doing the honour of presiding over the opening ceremony.

“I would also like to single out the government’s deft handling of Covid-19. Without the safety it has delivered, we would not have had the opportunity to plan this incredible event,” he said.

He also thanked everyone who helped make the 10th Angkor Sangkran celebration a success, including the teachers and artists who helped to set up the specially designed decorations, and the sponsors and members of the private sector who made it possible to welcome so many guests to the occasion.

“In these three days, millions of people have smiled because of your efforts,” he said.

Meas Ny, a social development researcher, lauded the efforts of the UYFC and the other stakeholders in the event, saying that their many achievements, and the gratitude of the majority of Cambodians, were a clear sign of the value of hosting events which promoted Khmer culture, especially during the traditional New Year.

He added that comparable events had taken place in several other provinces throughout the Kingdom.

“With an increase in local revenue from domestic tourism, the development of these events serves as a catalyst for the growth of the national economy,” he said.

“Typically, local economies thrive when tourists travel, visit and stay. The flow-on effects on the national economy will assuredly help the Kingdom to rebound as part of its post-pandemic economic recovery,” he said.