Prime Minister Hun Sen recommended that the authorities provide ID Poors card for people living in the Irrawaddy dolphin protected areas to ensure that they stop fishing there, as their nets have caused the death of several of the rare species.

At the March 24 annual meeting of the agriculture ministry, Hun Sen encouraged the authorities to continue educating the fishing communities in the area so they play their part in preserving the sustainability of fisheries resources.

The authorities should also strengthen law enforcement against fishery crimes, and work with local residents to create alternative employment.

“I have received information about the recent death of a dolphin, and we must all pay closer attention to this issue. Administrative measures alone are not enough. I want you all to determine how many families are still fishing in the protected areas, and come up with a plan to create new jobs for them,” he said.

“In addition, we should provide them with ID Poor cards as an incentive for them to cease fishing. If we do not do so, they will continue to use fishing nets, as it is their only source of income. The government can afford to support them, as it is necessary to protect the dolphin population,” he added.