Former Prime Minister Hun Sen has shared his appreciation for the work being done by new Prime Minister Hun Manet, noting that the new leader – who took office less than a month ago – has achieved more than he expected.

Hun Sen took to social media on September 14 to praise Manet’s excellent results.

“It is only when you jump into the water that can you prove you can swim,” he said.

“I have been monitoring the activities of the new prime minister, both domestically and internationally. Having held that position for more than 38 years, I can comfortably say Manet is doing far better than I expected him to,” he added.

“I am not speaking to boast about my son. I honestly thought that it would take three months for the new prime minister to get a handle on the demands of the role,” he explained.

He said Manet had made a confident start as leader in all aspects of the position, whether small or large. He noted that some of Manet’s most significant tasks included meetings at ASEAN, and ASEAN related levels, and his first official trip to China, as well as his preparations to address the UN General Assembly in New York, USA next week.

“A son of a dragon will absolutely not become a baby frog”, he said.

Manet officially took office on August 22. He is leading a new cabinet, with a large majority of young leaders.

Within his first month in office, Manet will have undertaken three major international diplomatic trips, including the 43rd ASEAN summits and related meetings in Indonesia, a Chinese trip from September 14-17, and the mission to the UN General Assembly, scheduled from 19-26.