Agriculture minister Dith Tina urges newly appointed secretaries and undersecretaries of state and heads of departments under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to study the potential for growth of their respective jurisdictions in order to enhance their development.

Tina officiated over a May 10 function to celebrate the officials assuming their new roles.

The ministry issued a May 11 statement citing Tina as telling the officials to pour their heart and soul into promoting the agricultural sector.

“The minister instructed them to carefully examine their areas of responsibility and identify potential areas for growth, as well as pre-empt any problems,” it said.

‘We will cooperate closely’

San Vanthy, who has just been appointed as a secretary of state at the ministry, said on behalf of the newly appointed officials that they are committed to their roles.

“We are determined to work tirelessly, responsibly and accountably to increase the efficiency of our tasks, in line with the government’s vision of developing the agricultural sector,” he pledges.

“I will work to strengthen solidarity and internal unity with my leadership and my subordinates at all levels. We will cooperate closely with all relevant institutions to make sure the agricultural sector grows in a sustainable manner,” he added.

A total of 10 secretaries of state, undersecretaries of state and heads of agriculture departments are tasked with leading development and resolving issues in fields associated with the management of forests, wildlife, fisheries and agriculture.