Indonesian ambassador Santo Darmosumarto met with Say Chhum, president of the Cambodian Senate on November 21 and engaged in a ‘fruitful dialogue’, with a focus on enhancing cooperation between their respective nations. 

“Chhum underscored the deep historical ties that bind the two nations, suggesting that laid a robust groundwork for increased collaboration in trade, investment, education, capacity building, and agriculture,” said an Indonesian Embassy press release.

He welcomed continued warm relations between the leaders of the two countries, including among parliamentarians and senators.

“Fond memories of the Asia-Africa Conference and Indonesia’s support for the peace process in Cambodia, including through the Jakarta Informal Meetings and its participation in the UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC), are carved in the minds of many Cambodians”, said ambassador Darmosumarto.

“But we must ensure that future generations, on both sides, continue to feel similar sentiments,” he added.

The ambassador also expressed his hopes for the further promotion of people-to-people interactions and economic partnership.

“While Indonesia may have become Cambodia’s sixth largest trading partner this year, there remains much room for expanded trade and investment relations”, he added.

During their meeting – as reported by the Senate via social media – Darmosumarto committed to deepening ties and collaboration between Indonesia and Cambodia.

“His focus is on three key areas: Enhancing economic and trade relations, improving communication and connections between the peoples of the two nations, and ensuring the protection and welfare of Indonesian citizens residing in Cambodia,” said the Senate.

“Additionally, he emphasised his dedication to fostering friendly relations and cooperative initiatives between the parliaments of both countries. This commitment aligns with the ongoing efforts to strengthen bilateral relations in various domains,” it added.

With more Indonesians travelling to and living in Cambodia, the ambassador also sought the continued support of the Cambodia government in facilitating their hopes and needs, said the embassy press release.

As the two countries anticipate next year’s 65th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations, Chhum expressed his hopes that Indonesia and Cambodia would maintain strong economic and democratic connections. It is expected that special events will be carried to mark the celebration of this historic achievement.

“On his own behalf, Chhun, as well as the Senate, are ready to continue this close cooperation with the ambassador, as well as the embassy, for the great benefit of both countries and peoples,” added the Senate’s post.