The Indonesia Health Fest, scheduled for June 8-9 in Preah Sihanouk province, aims to play a strong role in the promotion of health and wellness among the Indonesian and Cambodian communities.

On 20 May at the media gathering ahead of the Indonesia Health Fest, Santo Darmosumarto, Indonesian ambassador to Cambodia, announced the event during a May 20 press gathering. He explained that the event will also serve as part of the 65th anniversary of Indonesia-Cambodia bilateral diplomatic relations. 

The Indonesia Health Fest will take place at the Prince Times Hotel in Sihanoukville, and will feature a variety of activities centered around health promotion and cooperation. 

This event is not just a celebration of the long-standing diplomatic relationship, but an important step towards fostering increased healthcare collaboration between the two nations. 

“This particular event was organised at the recommendation of the provincial government of Preah Sihanouk, who would like to see more activities being carried out by the Indonesian embassy to promote healthy living among Indonesians who are living in Cambodia,” said Darmosumarto

“At the same time, we also believe that there is a big opportunity for us to promote health cooperation between Indonesia and Cambodia,” he added.

The Health Fest promises a packed schedule of engaging activities designed to encourage healthy lifestyles. Notably, Sihanoukville is estimated to be home to between 20,000 and 35,000 Indonesians.

A health forum will be a key feature of the event, bringing together speakers from both the Cambodian and Indonesian governments to discuss potential health cooperation. 

“For each forum, we are expecting hopefully about 200 to 250 people each morning and then the same in the afternoon. But of course, for the exhibition, we are open to having more people come in and visit the health fest,” said Darmosumarto. 

In addition to the forum, the event will offer free basic health checkups, including blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and uric acid tests. 

Indonesians and Cambodians can also register in advance to participate in exercises led by professional instructors and enjoy fun, interactive sessions aimed at promoting physical fitness. 

Services will be available throughout the day, supported by the Indonesian embassy, the Sihanouk provincial administration and business partners, such as Kalbe International. 

A highlight of the Indonesia Health Fest will be an exhibition of Indonesian health products. 

Companies like Kalbe International, known for their popular brands such as Propol and Woods, will showcase their products, promoting the rich array of Indonesian health solutions available in Cambodia. 

Christopher Halim, Cambodia country manager for Kalbe, explained that Kalbe is the largest healthcare company in Southeast Asia and has been operating in Cambodia for more than 20 years.   

“This is a really great opportunity for Kalbe. It gives us the chance to support the more than 100,000 Indonesian people living in Cambodia, as we have not been heavily promoting our products here. We will also push a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

“This is the first time that we have joined the Indonesian Health Fest in Sihanoukville. It is a real pleasure to support Indonesian medicine,” he added.

This exhibition aims to introduce Cambodian consumers to high-quality Indonesian health products, fostering greater trade and business partnerships between the two countries.

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