The Ministry of Information has requested the support of the French embassy to enhance the training of human resources in the information field and the dissemination of information in French. The initiative aims to promote the use of the language in Cambodia, which some state media outlets already utilise. 

Minister of Information Neth Pheaktra held a meeting with French ambassador Jacques Pellet at the ministry's headquarters on November 29.

During the meeting, Pheaktra highlighted the importance of France's expertise and media professionals in the information field. He emphasised the need for support in training to enable the country to gain more experience in this domain. 

"First, we are working to strengthen the efficiency and quality of news coverage. Second, we need to amend some laws to serve the development of society effectively, and third, we need to enhance the quality of the press through training," he stated. 

Pellet expressed his support for the initiative and discussed the possibility of collaboration with partners to facilitate the training of Cambodian journalists.

According to the ministry, the meeting touched upon the Kingdom’s readiness to host the 2026 Francophonie Summit. As the host country, Cambodia is actively seeking support from other nations for the event.

Pheaktra outlined plans to use media and information dissemination to promote the country and its development to French-speaking countries. 

He stressed the importance of encouraging the use of the French language in this effort, with the goal of providing French-speaking people in Cambodia with access to information about Cambodia in their native language, as well as to facilitate French language learners in reading news about Cambodia in French. 

He expressed gratitude to France for its assistance, highlighting that within the framework of information cooperation, both countries are committed to further enhancing the quality of the press in Cambodia.

The ministry currently encompasses key entities such as the National Radio of Cambodia (RNK), the National Television of Cambodia (TVK) and Agence Kampuchea Presse (AKP), which disseminate news in French.