The Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Plan International in Cambodia are organising a fun run under the theme “Let’s run to support girls in leadership roles in the digital age!”

The event intends to highlight the potential of girls in all areas of development.

“’Run for Girls, Run for All’ will be held on Phnom Penh’s Koh Pich on October 8, with about 500 participants, including representatives of the ministry, Plan and youth groups,” said Nhean Sochetra, head of the ministry’s Department of Social Development.

She explained that the theme aligns with the government’s “Cambodia Digital Economy and Society Policy Framework 2021-2035”, which focuses on the vision of the building of a digital government, which will serve as a pillar for encouraging businesses and people to embrace digital technology with confidence.

“This is an affirmation of the value of paying close attention to promoting gender equality through girls’ involvement in all areas of development – including digital and leadership roles – highlighting their rights, potential and opportunities to participate in decision making and improve their quality of life,” she added.

Sochetra said the event is part of a wider campaign related to female leadership in the digital age, which will include exhibitions and more.

Yi Kimthan, deputy country director of Plan International Cambodia, said the event aims to encourage decision-makers, especially men at the national and sub-national level, and those working with NGOs and in the private sector, to support and promote young women in leadership roles.

“The reason we have organised this event is to remind the public about the value of achieving equality between girls and boys when it comes to participation in all sectors. We especially wanted to highlight the need to encourage and give them opportunities in leading and initiating new ideas in the digital sector,” he added.

He explained that the programme is designed to encourage stakeholders to continue to implement policy measures, programmes and activities that will drive the leadership of girls in the digital age.