World Vision launched a water distribution station for nearly 300 families in Kampong Cham commune, Sambo district under its Community Support Programme. It also donated office materials and face masks to more than 120 primary schools and 14 health centres in Kratie province.

The October 13 handover ceremony was attended by the deputy governor of the Kratie Provincial Board of Governors, provincial authorities and representatives of the communities it will benefit.

Leng Virak, executive director of World Vision Cambodia, told The Post that the office materials would contribute to supporting the education sector in Kratie, a new World Vision target destination. These areas have been slow to develop in terms of education and community welfare and are also vulnerable to natural disasters.

“I am confident that teachers and World Vision will see such handover ceremonies being held in other areas. We are committed to the education and welfare of the community,” he said.

Virak added that the water distribution station – built with donations from the organisation’s staff – would benefit 278 families on the island in Kampong Cham commune. He hoped the community would play its part in maintaining the water station.

“The station supplies the homes of people living on the island. Since ancient times there has been no access to clean water there. There is a certain irony to living on an island surrounded by water, but the river is not safe to drink. This will improve their health and their daily lives,” he said.

World Vision also donated about 160 sets of office desks and chairs and 500,000 reusable face masks.

“These materials are sponsored through World Vision Singapore for our regional development programme,” said a press release.

Tuon Phalla, director of the Education Office at Sambo District, said primary schools in remote areas did not receive such assistance often.

“The teachers will be grateful for these materials and will take good care of them. The face masks will help reduce the costs of parents, who have to buy masks for their children,” he said.

Kong Meta, governor of Sambo District, said the office materials would be distributed to 33 primary schools in 7 communes.

“Sambo district also received face masks. We would like to thank World Vision for donating these important materials to our district,” he added.

World Vision Cambodia targeted areas in Sambo, Snuol and Prek Prosop districts in 2021 with four projects related to clean water, education, nutrition and violence reduction, thanks to the auspices of World Vision in Singapore, Germany, USA and Canada, said Virak.