A robbery on December 19 at the home of an online lotion vendor at the Borey Moon Town gated community in Chaom Chao I commune’s Chambok village of the capital’s Por Sen Chey district resulted in the loss of three diamond necklaces, according to the Phnom Penh municipal police.

The police issued a statement regarding the theft after social media reports “falsely” claimed that thieves had broken into the home of the well-known lotion vendor and got away with $9 million in cash.

Municipal police spokesman San Sok Seiha said on December 20 that the victim, An Sieu Mey, lost three diamond necklaces and some other jewellery from the robbery, but no cash was taken.

“Regarding the loss of property, following our investigation it was determined that no cash was taken but three diamond necklaces and other jewellery items were stolen by the intruders,” he said.

Citing the victim, deputy district police chief Chea Sovann said the armed robbery took place around 10am. The suspects held the victim at gunpoint and forced her to unlock her safe containing the jewellery.

“The home owner didn’t lose any cash but this is still a serious crime and our district police are cooperating with other departments to continue the investigation,” he said.

A Choam Chao police officer who asked not to be named said police were not certain how many suspects were involved with the robbery because the victim was in a state of panic once she saw their guns, but she guessed that there were at least four or five thieves present.

“People can’t think clearly when they are frightened and in shock like that. I think she was just happy that the robbers didn’t shoot her,” the officer said.