In the swiftly evolving tech landscape, Liv Sophanarith, a spokesman for the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, has called on journalists to keep pace by harnessing digital technology.

This, he says, will enable them to deliver faster, more reliable news stories while strictly adhering to the ethical and professional standards of journalism.

Sophanarith made these remarks at the close of the training programme “Using effective and safe social media for journalists”, held in Phnom Penh on July 5.

The two-day course, taking place on June 30 and July 5, saw 56 journalists in attendance.

The spokesman indicated the ministry's clear aim to boost digital literacy, push for digital infrastructure connectivity and provide high-speed internet service.

Plans are in place to achieve nationwide internet connectivity by 2027.

As part of the drive towards an efficient and inclusive digital realm, laws and key legal documents concerning digital documents and personal data protection are being prepared by the ministry.

Sophanarith expressed his desire to see journalists flourish in the media sector and extended his support to the Club of Cambodian Journalists (CCJ) in pushing media advancements.

"Despite our knowledge, we must uphold standards of morality in media, specifically the ethical and professional code of journalists. Even with technological prowess, such as picture editing, if we deviate from these ethical codes, it is no good," he emphasised.

He further mentioned that the telecoms ministry encourages the CCJ to generate content and verify its accuracy before sharing it on social media.

CCJ president Puy Kea considered the workshop a valuable opportunity for journalists to enhance their skills and professionalism.

Despite its short duration, he found the programme beneficial in promoting advanced technology usage.

"On behalf of the CCJ, I wish such a course continues for existing members and extends to newcomers," he added.

Nhem Sophal, a journalist from the Rasmei Kampuchea Daily who attended the workshop, agreed, saying: "The two-day workshop was really important for me and others to acquire additional knowledge, such as taking photos, editing pictures on smartphones and navigating social media".

"At the workshop, journalists gained a significant amount of knowledge related to cybersecurity, risk and cyber threats, protection from hackers and ensuring safety on social media," he said.