The Ministry of Justice’s working group in charge of legal standards and provision preparation met to review and discuss a draft law on the statute of court clerks, to make enhance the Cambodian judicial system.

The meeting was led by Minister of Justice Koeut Rith on December 15, with many ministry officials in attendance.

Justice ministry spokesman Chin Malin said that the ministry is in the process of preparing laws and legal provisions related to judicial system as there are several laws and policies which are yet to be defined in the Kingdom.

He said working groups at the ministry are preparing draft laws for three related sections in the court system, including on notaries, court clerks, and bailiffs. He said the drafts are expected to be finalised soon.

Within the judicial system, judges, prosecutors, court clerks, notaries and bailiffs must have clear laws which define their duties and responsibilities.

He said Cambodia already has laws governing two of the positions – laws explaining the precise statute of judges and prosecutors were written in 2014. Thus far, no laws governing the roles of court clerks, notaries or bailiffs have yet been adopted.

Am Sam Ath, deputy director for rights group Licadho, said that the draft laws are important as from a legal perspective, their roles remain undefined.

He added that drafting these laws will require thorough study, with a great deal of input from people within the system, to make judicial reforms effective and earn confidence from the public.