A delegation of the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on March 4 inspected the Kamping Puoy reservoir irrigation improvement project in Battambang province.

The delegation was led by ministry secretary of state Chan Sinath, joined by ADB senior official Alvin Lopez. Also present were members of the Kamping Puoy reservoir Irrigation Farmer Cooperative and officials from Banan and Bavel districts and Battambang town.

The ministry noted that the Irrigated Agriculture Improvement Project (IAIP) has received support from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which has received funding from the ADB to develop the site.

The water resources ministry is modernising the facility to ensure that the irrigation system meets international standards and increase water security for the surrounding area.

Water resources minister Lim Kean Hor led operations to re-build the man-made reservoir, which was dug during the Khmer Rouge era.

“Thanks to the commitment of the minister, we have expanded cooperation with our development partners. We have invested capital in the restoration of many parts of the production chain,” said the ministry.