The area under rice cultivation in Kampong Cham province reached 147,422ha last year, or 114.73 per cent of the planned 128,500ha.

The corresponding areas attributed to rainy and dry season crops totalled 101,647ha and 45,775ha, respectively, or 117.5 per cent and 109.0 per cent of the planned 86,500ha and 42,000ha.

The Ministry of Information reported that, after subtracting 13 per cent of the crop due to harvest losses and supply of seed rice for planting, the province in 2022 "received" the equivalent of more than 303,740 tonnes of milled rice for consumption. The ministry put the annual demand for consumption in the province at over 141,405 tonnes.

Speaking at the annual meeting of Kampong Cham’s agriculture department, provincial governor Un Chanda commented that, representing more than 41 per cent of the provincial economy, agriculture has fuelled poverty reduction and remains essential to food security as well as rural development.

However, to respond to the increasing revenues from the sector, close attention is required in the preparation of agricultural development policies for the province, such as those regarding agro-industrial and cash crops, animal husbandry and aquaculture.