Deputy Governor of Kandal province Hun Kosny expressed her appreciation for the leaders of all education departments and units for their commitment to ensuring the sustainability of effective, quality student learning.

She wrote in a social media post that strengthening the education sector was important. Making the youth a priority was essential to improving the sector and the society, adding that good students also led to good schools.

She said that on the 23rd International Youth Day – with the theme “Youth and key activities in the school community” – which was held August 12 at the Kandal provincial teacher training school.

The event was attended by over 280 people including department leaders, teachers, students, youth council members, the Red Cross youth, the young scouts and members of the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia.

Kosny added that the education has been moving towards a more complete technical form, in line with Cambodia’s Digital Economy and Society Policy Framework 2021-2035.

“This is very important because our young people are in need of new, modern, high quality education services, especially as we are seeing the rapid growth of the use of technology and the internet,” she continued.

Kosny urged the provincial department of education – as well as the private education sector – to take the initiative and provide short-term skills training to strengthen the capacity of the young. This would enable them to capitalise on the opportunities which the modern economy would present, and would respond to socio-economic needs that focus on results and hands-on practice. These skills would make an invaluable contribution to their ability to contribute to society, she added.

She also said that in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the educational needs of youth have changed profoundly. They require new learning methods and access to new skills training; especially digital skills to address the challenges of the 21st century and a rapidly changing job market.

Mam Poly, deputy director of the provincial department of education, said that the event was a success. The day was held in accordance with the direction of department’s work for the 2021-2022 academic years. The theme aimed to improve school development and the quality of education throughout the province.

He said that youth activities should connect with the community to increase cooperation, meet the needs of the government and encourage potential youth resources in the future.