The Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation’s “10,000 riel, 10,000 donors” campaign raised more than $830,000 from donors in the first six days of the 30-day campaign, which will run throughout June.

The Foundation said the donations – which will support the Katha Bopha hospitals, which offer free treatment to the Kingdom’s children – were received from more than 180,000 individual donors.

“These donations express the heart of Cambodia, and the spirit of 'Khmer help Khmer' everywhere,” it added.

It thanked all the donors for their kindness, calling on them to continue to make donations to bring children smiles and protect the bright future of Cambodia.

The campaign will run until June 30. On the very first day of the campaign, the foundation received more than $520,000 in donations from more than 120,000 generous philanthropists.