Kep provincial governor Som Piseth urged all stakeholders to cooperate in giving information on the illegal operation of factories, industrial parks, handicrafts and service sites, as the coastal province has now identified 292 illegal or unlicensed enterprises.

Piseth was speaking at an annual meeting of the provincial department of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation, held to review its work outcomes for 2022 and directions for 2023.

The meeting was attended by representatives of factories, handicrafts and services, as well as stakeholders throughout the province.

In order to improve the wellbeing of the people and for the benefit of the industrial base in Kep, Piseth also urged local authorities at all levels, departments, units and the private sector to have good cooperation in giving information about illegal operation of factories, handicrafts and services in the province.

He requested the provincial industrial department, relevant units, local authorities at all levels as well as the private sector cooperate together to carry out the duty of reporting illegal businesses and he also requested the department to strengthen the law enforcement and regulations related to industry, science, technology and innovation to be more efficient.

Department director Bun Yong also expressed his support for sharing information about illegal or unlicensed industrial sites as this action would help to eliminate those places and boost the development of the legal industrial sector in Kep.

“This sector has brought prosperity to the people through production from small and medium enterprises that can provide high productivity, quality, safety, sustainability and affordability, which leads to growth of national budget as well as increase living standards for all people. It can ensure the achievement of the 2030-2050 national strategic plan,” Piseth said.