The Koh Kong Provincial Administration urged those who lease state land for aquaculture farming to minimise its effects on the environment and local community and to avoid releasing chemical substances into the sea.

It noted that some plots of land located near the sea have been leased to farmers who raise fish and crabs, among others.

The call came as provincial deputy governor Uk Sopheak and Ministry of Environment secretary of state Srun Darith on September 3 inspected the land plots that have been leased on short-term contracts of less than 15 years to aquaculture farmers, covering 36.8ha in Koh Kong district's Chroy Bros commune.

Sopheak said: "Delve carefully into the technicalities involved in effectively managing these aquaculture setups, to avoid harming the environment or the community, or polluting the sea.

“Let’s all do our bit to take care of the environment and the natural resources in and near these aquaculture project sites and ensure the sustainability of the environment and biodiversity.”

He said all constructions of aquaculture farms must follow the environment ministry's guidelines and existing regulations.