The Koh Kong Provincial Administration held a March 30 consultative meeting to establish a working group that would be tasked with managing the Koh Kapi Ramsar site. The group will discuss the current situation of the site, and assess its future potential.

In a social media post, the administration said the working group is making preparations to increase the efficiency of the management of the site.

Deputy governor On Sothearith, who chaired the meeting, explained that the Koh Kapi Ramsar site, situated off the coast of the mainland, is rich in natural mangrove forests and serves as an important habitat for biodiversity while also providing livelihoods for many local people.

He said the site has the potential to attract domestic and international tourists, which would create jobs for local communities, especially among people who currently depend on natural resources for their income.

“We should all cooperate closely to make the process of conservation and development smooth and fruitful. We need to conserve the biodiversity resources of the Koh Kapi Ramsar site to sustain the development of local communities and society, both now and in the future,” he said.