Dolphin conservation officials said on Wednesday that a newly born calf was found among a pod of seven dolphins in Prek Kam Pi Resort area in Kam Pi village, Sambok commune, Chitr Borei district, in Kratie province.

Kratie provincial Fisheries Administration deputy chief and head of the Irrawaddy dolphin conservation group told The Post on Thursday that tourist police had been told of an Irrawaddy dolphin calf discovered at Prek Kam Pi.

It was seen swimming in the water among the adult dolphins on Monday. The Kratie provincial Fisheries Administration went there immediately to monitor.

“Our team is very happy to see it. Our team tried to take pictures of the newborn while it was swimming with its mother,” he said.

“The newborn is the eleventh which our team has discovered and recorded this year from January to October,” he said.

Ponlok said Irrawaddy dolphins in the Mekong River in Cambodia are currently estimated to be about 110, with the number having increased by about 30 compared to that found in 2015 when only 80 were counted.

He said the increase in the dolphin population in the Mekong could be the result of the joint efforts of river guards from the fisheries administration, WWF-Cambodia and authorities to protect and preserve them.