Wildlife conservation NGO, Fauna and Flora, and related ministries have expressed elation at recording footage of the elusive large-antlered muntjac, Muntiacus vuquangensis, in northeastern Cambodia's Virachey National Park.

On July 8, Fauna and Flora announced that in close collaboration with the Department of Eastern Mekong Terrestrial Protected Areas Conservation of the Ministry of Environment and the Departments of Environment in Ratanakkiri and Stung Treng provinces, they were able to conduct biodiversity and conservation surveys in the park.

Camera traps, positioned in secluded areas of the park, recorded videos of multiple individual large-antlered muntjac.

"The recent findings underscore the significance of Virachey National Park for this species," the NGO shared.

Fauna and Flora added: "First recorded in Virachey in 2021, this rare species is currently only known to reside in Cambodia."

A rare large-antlered muntjac, Muntiacus vuquangensis, recently caught on camera in northeastern Cambodia's Virachey National Park. FAUNA AND FLORA

Previous surveys revealed a muntjac mother and fawn, indicating the presence of a breeding population in Virachey.

"Additional records of the species are an encouraging confirmation of its continued survival. However, this species is at risk of extinction due to the extreme threat of poaching and snaring places upon them throughout their range," the NGO warned.

To secure the long-term survival of the large-antlered muntjac, the NGO emphasised the need for this data to inform urgent conservation action on the ground, safeguarding one of the last refuges for this rare species.