A senior environmental official on March 17 floated bolstering links between climate change and religious teachings and standards as a means to improve attitudes towards the environment and sustainable development in Cambodia.

Tin Ponlok, Ministry of Environment secretary of state and National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) second vice-president, was speaking on a workshop on climate awareness and religion.

Ponlok claimed that religion in Cambodian society has historically been key to human resource development, environmental science and research, and social development.

Religious education and practice has nurtured love among devotees for the environment, inspiring them to fight climate change, he added.

“Linking religious education and theory to climate change will contribute to raising public awareness of environmental friendliness, and cultivate a love of nature and the environment. This theory also can help develop positive attitudes towards enhancing environmental quality and sustainable development in Cambodia,” Ponlok opined.

Ministry of Cults and Religions secretary of state Ke Sam Oeun told the workshop that the environment ministry has “always cooperated well” with his ministry in raising awareness of the connections between environmental issues and religious roles.

“Climate change was caused by human activity on the environment. So, religion should play a role in guiding and avoiding any activities that could harm the environment and natural resources,” he claimed.