A sixty-eight-year-old farmer was questioned by the Kandal provincial court on Tuesday for allegedly killing his drunken son in the early hours of Monday in Kandal Stung district’s Mkak village.

Chao Vuthy, the chief of the provincial police station’s crime office, said on Tuesday that the suspect, Phorng Cheang, attended a wedding party with his four-year-old granddaughter on Sunday from 6pm to 8pm, where he drank some beers before returning home to sleep.

Vuthy said that at about 2:20am the next morning, his son Phorng Ban, a 39-year-old construction worker, arrived home noisily from another wedding party.

His father got angry, Vuthy said, and blamed Ban for disturbing him. Ban grabbed a wooden stick and tried to attack his father, but missed.

Ban cursed his father repeatedly but then went to sleep on a hammock, he said.

Meanwhile, Cheang found another wooden stick and proceeded to beat his son several times before going back to bed. No one knew Ban had died until several hours later, Vuthy said.

He said police experts examined the body and found that Ban had been hit forcefully six times on the head and other parts of the body. Police found the stick, still with blood on it, at the scene.

Ban had been married and had more than one daughter, but divorced some time ago.

Provincial deputy prosecutor Tin Sochetra said on Tuesday that Cheang had been sent to the provincial court by police, accused of killing his son.

He was questioned but allowed to return home while the case is under investigation.