Two men were found dead in a car of apparent overdoses on the evening of March 9 in Choeung Ek commune’s Borei Kamakor village of Phnom Penh’s Dangkor district. Two women who were also in the vehicle were rushed to hospital, where one passed away the following day due to a heart attack.

District police chief Chim Sitha identified the two deceased men as 27-year-old Chamroeun Chhaya, a resident of Borei Kamakor village, and 27-year-old Low Chhay Hong, a resident of Tumnop Teuk commune’s Village IV.

“According to our team, the four had likely suffered drug-induced heart attacks, as a bag of methamphetamine was found in the car,” he said.

Citing the victims’ relatives, he said the car had sat with its engine running in front of Chhaya’s home. His mother had opened the car door to see what her son was doing, only to discover him dead.

He added that shortly after, the two women in the car became unconscious and were rushed to the hospital.

Forensic specialist Norng Sovanroth said on March 10 that the two men had suffered heart attacks brought on by drug overdose. He could not draw the same conclusion about the women, as he had not examined them.

“Once they overdosed, they suffered the heart attacks. We ascertained that this was not a case of murder,” he said.

Commune chief Mean Sovanthon said the four were married couples and the family of Chhaya was holding a funeral for him at their house.