During a meeting to discuss water resources with officials from the Japanese Embassy in Cambodia, Thor Chetha, the minister of Water Resources and Meteorology, proposed that Japan assist in addressing the nation’s flooding and drought issues.

The minister met with Japanese ambassador to Cambodia, Atsushi Ueno, on September 4, along with Kazumasa Sanui, the chief representative of JICA’s Cambodia office, to explore the subject.

The ministry’s social media post indicated that Chetha suggested the Japanese side assist in researching and funding flood protection and irrigation and drainage rehabilitation projects in Cambodia.

“We suggested that the Japanese side provide heavy machinery for constructing and repairing irrigation systems and for intervening during flooding and drought incidents,” Chetha was quoted as saying.

Additionally, he sought Japanese assistance in training technical officials in water resource management and development.

The post also announced that the Japanese side proposed a groundbreaking ceremony for the Southwest Phnom Penh Irrigation and Drainage Rehabilitation Project to commemorate the accomplishments of Cambodia-Japan cooperation during the seventh mandate of the government.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Cambodia-Japan diplomatic ties, showcasing both parties’ strong commitment to advancing cooperation in the water resource sector, ensuring its growth in the present and the future.