The Ministry of Health has urged citizens to adhere to health guidelines during the imminent flood risks to mitigate potential health dangers.

The ministry’s warning, grounded in forecasts from the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, highlights the altered weather patterns in Cambodia.

This shift, attributed to climate change and changing rainfall patterns, has led to natural calamities including floods, thunderstorms, strong winds and heatwaves.

These not only damage infrastructure and property but also pose health threats, leading to infectious and non-infectious diseases and even fatalities.

The ministry suggests monitoring the flood situations closely, securing safe locations, stockpiling food and constructing barriers in deep-water areas to safeguard against potential flooding.

During floods, citizens are advised against entering old or deteriorating structures to avoid accidents, while lights are essential when travelling by boat at night.

Post-flood, maintaining a clean living environment is crucial to disease prevention. Consuming healthy food, drinking clean water and upholding proper hygiene are essential.

The ministry further emphasises the importance of using mosquito nets consistently to protect against diseases such as dengue fever, malaria and diabetes.

“If individuals experience any health issues before, during or after a flood, they should promptly seek medical assistance at the closest health centre or hospital,” the ministry said.