The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has its sights firmly set on three pivotal activities that could transform human resources in the digital sector. This drive will help boost the capacity of students, from primary school up to higher education.

This message was conveyed during a basic technology information training session for students held last week by the Foundation for Korea Software Global Aid (KSGA).

The ministry is deeply committed to championing the digital transformation across government and the private sector and also aim to foster a digital mindset within the entire national society, said its secretary of state So Visothy.

Visothy elaborated that the ministry has zeroed in on building digital human resources. This effort aims to enhance the capacity of students from primary to higher education. The goal is to spark their interest in digital skills as a crucial step for their future careers and to consistently supply the demand for technical specialists.

“We’ve been focusing closely on three key activities to foster human resources in the digital sector. We’ve introduced several initiatives at the primary and secondary school levels. These include the future intellectual programme and the technological innovation programme. Both are designed to enrich students’ understanding of digital concepts and foster a competitive spirit,” he explained.

“At the high school level, we’ve started setting up community technology centres for every high school. Moreover, we’re aiming to provide all communes with optic cable internet access by 2027, initiating this in Takeo province along with the introduction of a digital intellectual contest,” he added.

In addition, Visothy noted that the ministry is committed to aiding higher education institutions in setting up infrastructure and internet access at digital technology centres and university system managements. These facilities will cater to the daily work and study needs of students when requested by a higher education institution.

Kin Phea, director of the International Relations Institute at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, voiced his support for the initiative. He observed that the ministry’s intensified focus on the digital sector is crucial for developing exceptional human resources in the digital technology sector and fostering future leaders.

“The core value of the digital sector has truly motivated our young people, particularly Cambodian students, to explore more job prospects. In my opinion, nurturing human resources is key to developing the technology sector and boosting the Cambodian economy,” he said.

In addition to these three priorities, the ministry also disclosed plans to cultivate exceptional human resources in the digital age through two more programmes, including the techno digital talent scholarship programme. This scheme currently hosts 508 students at five partner institutions. A new digital skill development programme will be introduced shortly.