The Ministry of Public Works and Transport on August 5 advised motorists to carry their original driver’s licences at all times when driving in order to assist the ministry in its efforts to implement the road traffic laws more effectively.

In a notice, the ministry said that motorists – especially those driving cars – had been commenting on social media regarding the documents necessary for the legal operation of a motor vehicle in Cambodia.

The ministry informed that since 2017 it had carried out reforms through modern technology by including QR Codes on driver's licence documents, vehicle identification cards, vehicle technical inspection certificates, vehicle transport business permits and some other relevant documents for easy management because the codes allowed for the quick verification of the authenticity of the document and access to additional information by the authorities.

The Ministry advised all drivers to have their original driver's licence with them at all times while driving and to keep copies of their vehicle ID cards, vehicle technical inspection certificates and commercial vehicle documents for goods or passenger transport in their vehicles at all times in order to be able to provide them to the authorities as needed.