The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has put the Digital Community of Cambodia (DCC) system into action, bringing together digital technology professionals who have signed up for the system so that they can share professional development opportunities.

DCC is the first governmental digital technology nursery and aims to bring together talented people in the sector to develop it further.

“This system was established to bring together individuals with digital technology expertise at home and abroad and provide them with the opportunity to develop their professional skills and job opportunities. Experts will share knowledge and experience as well as important information relating to policies in the field of information and communication technology with each other,” said the ministry notice dated January 24.

The ministry said the system was established in line with digital socio-economic policies and will support the implementation of digital government policy. It calls on all civil servants, private employees, students, intellectuals and other members of the public who specialise in digital technology to sign up for the system.

The Cambodia Digital Economy and Social Policy Framework 2021-2035 was released in May 2021 to build a vibrant digital economy and society through the establishment of a solid digital foundation. This will promote digital adoption and digital transformation in all social actors including the state, businesses and citizens. It will also serve to stimulate new economic growth and promote social welfare under the new normal.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that digital transformation is meant to embrace and take maximum advantage of advances in information, communication and digital technology to increase productivity and economic efficiency.

It also stimulates national economic growth and will build a civilised society where digital citizens can benefit from the use of digital services.

“I firmly believe that Cambodia must strive to achieve this digital transformation in order to enable a higher level of development in Cambodia’s economy and society,” he said.

Telecommunications ministry secretary of state So Visothy told The Post on January 25 that the DCC system will bring together intellectuals and experts in the field of digital telecommunications of all levels.

Through this system, those experts can learn and share experiences with each other and enjoy the benefits of research, the latest news articles, technologies and policies relating to the digital sector.

“If they have a question or problem that they cannot solve, this community will help them find a solution. It is an opportunity to share professionals kills, knowledge and experiences,” he said. “It is also a community that can be used for networking. Knowing each other will promote telecommunications and the growth of the digital sector.”

The ministry will make every effort to have companies sign up to join the DCC. Those with newly acquired skills may have the opportunity to seek employment opportunities in their fields. The ministry will also hold competitions to award prizes and reward innovation in the digital sector, he said.

“The ministry will work with companies and institutions to provide opportunities for talented people in related fields to find employment. Companies will be able to find specialised staff more easily, which in turn will speed up the development of new digital services in the Kingdom,” he added.