The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications warned the public about a Telegram hack that uses the message Gift 74/100 Free Premium after hackers were found to be widely using this method recently.

In a notice posted on their social media channel on October 21, the ministry said that hackers had used a Gif with a link that looks like a message from Telegram to defraud users with attempts to steal their accounts.

“The fraud comes in the form of a Gif file to users of Telegram, saying Gift 74/100 Free Premium, with a promise of indefinite use for users who fill it out. If users click that Gif or link, it requires filling in their name and password. If users do it, the hackers successfully steal that Telegram account,” the ministry said.

The ministry also reminded users to be mindful when seeing Gifs or links without clear sources. Users should not click on them or fill out the form as they are asked to.

“If users click on that link, you must not fill in any information. You must change your password and sign out your account from all devices if you have already done so in order to protect your account,” the notice said.